Top 5 LGBTQ Movies in 2021

The LGBTQ lifestyle and topic have become one of the most sought genres of literature and film to project the new normal.

It all began in the 1940s with movies like “The Seventh Victim” and “Children of Paradise”, and fully emerged in the 1980s with movies like “The Times of Harvey Milk”— LGBTQ in pop culture. Fast forward to the 2010s, the LGBTQ lifestyle has become popular-in-practice in many American and European countries. It has become a legal right people are now proud of.

The big screen has put together many of the LGBTQ movies to project the lifestyle, ordeals, successes, and travails of these marginalized groups including documentaries on LGBTQ heroes. In fact, there are so many LGBTQ movies on Netflix to watch these days than is around 5 years ago.