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Our Mission

To enhance the dignity and quality of life of sexual minority individuals and other vulnerable groups by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to quality life and rights as well as, ultimately emboldening their voices to create real change.

We Aim To Achieve Our Mission In The Following Goal Areas:

All of our programs are intended to be delivered through our community peer to peer education model which enables the transfer of knowledge and skills to high numbers of our various target groups, as well as our economic and wealth empowerment training institutions.

Peer to Peer Education
Community-led Research

TRAHI is made up of local LGBQ activists and advocates who has built strong experience in community-led research highlighting the challenges faced by the various target communities and potential solutions. Moving forward, TRAHI intend partnering with several other development organizations to train a team of more community researchers to investigate livelihood issues in their communities, which will lead to publications of seminal solutions that can be adopted by development partners.

Community Mobilization

TRAHI Nigeria has a unique understanding of the challenges facing our various target communities and how to best mobilize, engage and motivate these community to lead change in their various communities. The community peer educator model can be used to engage and inform people from a range of backgrounds and is particularly effective in linking marginalized communities or hard to reach populations to services.

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