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Our Approach

We use bottom-up and holistic, focusing on individual to community behavior change as well as systematic change in policy and practice towards a more supportive environment for inclusive development. We deliver grassroots programs in some of the hardest to reach and under-served areas. Leveraging the impact of our volunteers, we are creating a network of community leaders, supporting them to progress in their careers and become champions of community and national development. We also intend to audaciously support governments and policymakers to engage critically in the development of Marginalized communities and populations as well as include them in the decisions that affect them. In addition, we will collaborate with like-minded organizations to program more effectively with and for our target populations. We also look forward to producing research findings, toolkits, guidance and generate evidence to share our experience with the global development space to ensure we are serving our target populations in the most coordinated and impactful way possible.

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